Naïrii, the fashion house

Naïrii is a Parisian fashion house and much more. It is a commitment for all women who love beauty, durability and respect. Those who prefer quality over quantity. Each garment bears witness to a love for craftsmanship, handmade and meticulousness, because it is in the details of a seam that we can observe the know-how of those who make them. clothes.


Naïrii commitments

Fashion is not just about trends. It is also a heritage, know-how, a multitude of materials, and a finished product that continues to live after leaving the workshop. In recent years, trends have been linked together at breakneck speed, clothes are only worn a few times, for a season, sometimes even less. 

Our timeless wardrobe is produced in a limited series with noble materials and Oeko-Tex². We work mainly with French workshops that we have personally selected and with which we collaborate directly.


Nona Source is the first online resale platform that revalues unsold fabrics from the most exclusive and prestigious French Couture Houses of the LVMH group.

NONA SOURCE gives creatives easy access to high-quality materials while encouraging the reuse of existing resources. A committed and eco-responsible company, Nona Source lays the foundations for a circular fashion model. WE LOVE…

The creator

Taline Ohanyan grew up surrounded by needles, sergers and sewing machines. It was probably in her parents' workshop that her passion for fashion was born. It was by looking for originality that Taline began to make her first clothes, only for her at first. In photography school, she continued to refine her sense of fashion through the shots of the greatest photographers.

After a career in catering, she returned to her first love and decided to give her dream of creation a chance. It is in 2020 that she takes the plunge and gives birth to Naïrii Paris. She wants a fashion house that is timeless, chic and durable and that each piece takes on the personality of the wearer.